Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seasoned Crackers

This is so easy it's almost too easy!  You just have to have patience to let them sit and absorb all the goodness!  I have never baked these and I have made them for years!!   Once you put the oil in they start turning brown the longer they set and they look as if you baked them!  I knew someone who baked theirs and after a while they get stale these honestly will last for months tasting totally fresh as long as you keep them in a air tight container.

1 box or bag oyster crackers  (I buy Kroger's brand in a box and Nabisco in a bag)
1 pkg ranch dry ranch dressing
¾ cup vegetable oil

In an air tight container mix all together and shake well then let soak in
For at least 4 hours but over night is best.

You might give them a shake every 30 minutes or so the first couple of hours so they all get coated evenly….. I turn the container upside down then back right side up just here and there when I think about it.  Once they are ready no more turning cause they are done!

Enjoy on salads, soups or just as a snack.

fyi.. the original recipe calls for 1 cup of veg oil but 3/4 a cup is plenty and we just saved 1/4 cup of calories!

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