Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hot Sauce - from Grilled Veggies

My brother-in-law Marcus made some great hot sauce a couple of days after Thanksgiving..... Man was it good!  He also had some great chicken and rice boudin which most of us had never eaten before (he got it in Louisiana).  We all acted like we hadn't even just had a huge Thanksgiving feast two days before, it was sooo good!  The day before that some of us had gone to Canton, Texas for some shopping and when we came home he had Gumbo and Etoufee waiting for us...  again we ate like we hadn't had a big meal in days!  So much flavor in everything!

The next week I made this hot sauce in the freezing cold! I just kept thinking about how good it would be and being cooped up in the house there was a lot of cooking going on!  But still I wanted hot sauce!!  In Texas we had an ice storm but it didn't keep me away from  using the grill outside!  I make Hot Sauce a lot (link in blue of my original sauce), as good as the one I make is I love the grill taste for something different!  It reminds me of Pappasito's hot sauce and I love love theirs.  Marcus' is actually better!  Our whole family agreed and we all love Pappasito's!

You eat this hot sauce hot as in temperature! Might sound weird but it's really good!

I made this again a few weeks later and stored the leftovers in the fridge.  I ate some of the hot sauce cold out of the fridge and then I reheated some in the microwave.  I liked it both ways!

Place onions, tomatoes and jalapenos on the hot grill
This is what they look like when I took them off the grill, the peeling on the tomatoes comes right off.
I put this in a pitcher and used a hand held blender that you can place right in the pitcher.  You can also use a regular blender or food processer.


5 to 6 tomatoes 
3 to 4 jalapenos (or more if you like it hot, hot)!
1 onion sliced in thick slices (kept together)
Lawry's Garlic salt with the green lid
Black Pepper
Place tomatoes, jalapenos and onions on the hot grill.  Grill until the onions start to get a black marking then take off, same with jalapenos.  The Tomatoes will become soft and the skin will start peeling off, they are ready then..  The jalapenos you just throw with the black skin (after removing the stem but the tomatoes you peel, it will come right off after they get hot.
Put all in either a pitcher or blender then just pulse 4 or 5 times....don't over process or it will get pasty.   Season with garlic salt and black pepper!

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