Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soup....Glorious Soup!

This weather has got me making soup!  I thought I would share links to some of the soups I have on my blog so they would just be a click away!

Tomato Basil Soup is one of my favorites for sure!
Goes so well with a grill cheese sandwich! I also make Seasoned Crackers often when I make this soup. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup is another favorite!  The picture I am going to attach isn't the best but this is a great soup! 

Taco Soup with Cheese Tortellini is a great soup!  I don't have any pictures of this soup but I have made it several times!  I got this recipe from my friend Shari in Minnesota!  I do not like beans and most taco soups has beans, but not this one!!!  I need to make this again so I can get some pictures!
Italian Chicken Soup makes a lot of soup!!!  I got this recipe from The Pioneer Women's website several years ago.  This is a great pasta soup with a chicken broth base splashed with some heavy cream.  Great flavor and goes along way.
La Madeleine's A L'Oignon Gratinee aka French Onion Soup, if you like French Onion Soup this is a great recipe!  I don't have any pictures of this recipe but have made is several times!  The key to the recipe lies in the slow cooking of the onions.. really!  Once they caramelize they flavor the soup so nicely! 
I am going to post Creamy Tortilla Soup this week!  I thought I had it on here but I do not!!  It is another favorite of mine!!
I can't post soup without post my favorite Cornbread , I found this on pinterest last year and WOW, it's really good!  I don't ever eat cornbread the next day but this cornbread I do!!! 



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